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Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
that -- this is typically how it's happening, a separate page what pg&e characterizes as third party charges and those are the city and county of san francisco charges to the customer. >> and how long does pg&e have the ability to charge that fee into the program? >> it's not clear. that gets revisited on a regular basis by the california public utilities commission. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> excuse me. i'm sorry. i have a follow up on that as well. is there a way -- i know we will talk at some point after -- it's separate, but the local build out conversation, and in the financing of that, and i'm actually at some point i think it would be have to have a lafco joint meeting that talks specifically about the financing of local build out and it's not on the agenda today, but perhaps one of the things that could be looked at is exactly what we're talking about here -- i don't know, fee structure, and if there is local generation that occurs that perhaps there is a conversation or some work that looks at those pg&e fees, and since it's really no longer going to be a pg&e provided ser
Dec 24, 2012 9:00am PST
of 2013 we will know what shape the program that pg&e has proposed has been authorized by the cupuc. pg&e would then as i understand it from their filings need to go through a solicitation process to hire a third party contractor to perform the program implementation and we're thinking it would probably be a tariffed and ready program by maybe around february of 2014. that's all very tentative at this point because as i say it sorts of makes assumptions how that process is going to go with the cupuc, but at this point they're anticipating settlement and proposed decision. >> ms. hale could you elaborate about the code of conduct? what are the elements of that? if you could summarize what is before the puc with that? >> i can and we have city attorney here who is also familiar with this and perhaps could fill in some of the gaps for me. the code of conduct largely came out of the -- the law that created the code of conduct requirement came out of the experience that pg&e and marin energy had when marin energy launched its program so the code of conduct puts certain restrictions on both
Dec 3, 2012 10:00am PST
survey. >> do we have on the slide, you know, estimate of what pg&e exit fee would be? is that included in the slide and the figures here? >> so exit fee. so any customer -- any customer that stays with the program after the first two opt out notices -- let me back up. if you don't want to be part of the cleanpower sf program and you tell us that there is no departure charge that a customer incurs that we are charging. after the program is launched if you then decide -- oh i got my first cleanpower sf bill. i don't want to be part of this program. we are still as the city saying there is no charge to depart from the program at that point. pg&e doesn't have a fee to exit the program during that portion of the time either. >> they don't have a fee that charge it's. >> the fee that we do include and maybe what you're referring to is the cost responsibility surcharge where if a customer leaves pg&e's bundedel service and comes to a cca pg&e will take a portion of the fees they used to charge that customer and those fees will follow the customer so the bill premiums that i am showing h
Dec 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> reporter: it was controversial. the cpuc deciding who would pay what for pipeline improvements. pg&e or customers. it turns out both parties will be paying and rates will increase in the aftermath of the deadly san bruno pipeline blast and fire on september 9, 2010, which killed 8 people, injured 66 and destroyed dozens of homes of. the cpuc is ruling on pg&e's enhanced safety guidelines today a plan to improve its pipeline infrastructure. the repairs will cost over $2 billion and require pg&e to test hundreds of miles of pipeline, replace old pipe segments and automate safety valves. the cpuc says of the $2 billion needed for the work, ratepayers will pay $299 million. the mayor of san bruno and several utility watchdog groups say pg&e will be making a profit on this work. >> today you set a precedent. do you allow a utility responsible for the deaths of eight citizens, friends, and family, to profit as a direct result of that tragedy? >> commissioners, i urge you to approve judge bushy's decision to make sure pg&e pays its fair share of pipeline testing and replacement. on the wh
Dec 31, 2012 11:00am PST
that it was more even between what we're able to do and what we have already on the books and what pg&e is offering to do, so i wouldn't say that it was strongly deemphasized but a lot of meat was in one recommendation about cca, and it really has far reaching implications and certainly it's discussed within other recommendations even if it doesn't get top billing in that recommendation. >> you said that came from the mayor's office? >> it was -- in conversation with the mayor's office as well as other task force members. >> okay. so maybe you could sort of shed more light on that, so was there a directive from the mayor's office to not emphasize as much community choice aggregation? >> no. there is not a directive from him. they reviewed the draft and in our discussions with them they had concern -- as you know the mayor had concern with cca, and what they did request from us that we only make sure that the wording when we discuss cca was this a possibility and not a done deal at this point to have this program which was the case back at that point in early september. >> has there been a follow
Dec 12, 2012 8:00am PST
to be a mixed hybrid program? >> the pg & e tariff option, i assume that's what you are talking about. what they have proposed and put before the california puc for approval is alliance on their resources compliant with the renewal portfolio standard for about 22% i think by then. of their portfolio being california compliant renewables. and the balance will be renewable energy credits. so that distinguishes, it's a mix. in that some of the renewables they are proposing are california compliant and some of them are not. >> okay. i guess i will wait until january. >> well -- so i may have confused you with what i had said. in january what pg & e is going to be doing is implementing new rates for all of their customers. it won't be the green tariff option yet. that's still before the california utility commission. they don't have approval for that program yet, maybe until july or so. so january is a standard rate change that pg & e is implementing. >> any comments? >> thank you. >> so the next item is todd rydstrom on the mid-cycle bi-annual budget priorities. >> i do have a question, a comme
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
&e will still make money. >> pg&e will profit, make money, $130 million because of what happened in san bernadino and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. >> the rate hike is about 40% of what pg&e had requested. >>> in federal court a key hearing on a precedent setting case about medical marijuana. what's next. >>> you can't freeze -- >> parents outraged this student without heat for days in one school. what the district admits it did that left children a little too cold in school. sent a firefighter to the hospitalful the fire was reported at 5:30 a three story building on broad street in the ocean view neighborhood. we are told the firefighter suffered smoke inhalationful nobody else was hurt. the red cross is hoping some of the 25 -- helping some of the 25 residents alert. >> after an armed robbery there. police say that a woman was held up at sun valley mall last night in the parking lot near may macy's just before 7:30. she gave the robber her credit card. he pushed her to the ground. he was driving an older model light colored small car. the federal government crack down on med
Dec 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
will cost all of us more in a few days. >> reporter: it is a lot of money but less than what pg&e asked for. >> only 299 million or 39% of the amount that pg&e requested. >> reporter: with that public utilities commission will replace hundreds of miles of major gas pipelines. >> the plan will set a new standard for how we define safe and reliable service. >> reporter: the improvements will allow pg&e to make big money. >> they will make money. $130million because of what happened in san bruno and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. >> they blew up our town, killed 8 people and they are giving them a profit on what they should have done a long time ago. >> 100 years ago they controlled the p.u.c., ran california. today it looks like pg&e is running the p.u.c. >> reporter: what does that mean for you? the average bill will go up 88 cents a month next year, followed by $1.36 a month the next year. >> our plan sought out to simply meet new standards put forward by the c. p.u.c. >> reporter: with upgrade rural mains are next and that will cost more, that will come up at 6:00 p.m., consumer edi
Dec 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
to bring the rates down with clean power sf so they can be brought into parity with what pg&e is charging right now, and then a further iteration just recently came out in our last meeting on the build out work is that local power has recommended not only doing that, but also to -- has configured a way to keep those same ways that pg&e or roughly the same and get to the 100% and buying them like the county of marin has done so i encourage environment staff to dig deep into what local power is working with the local puc and there is one caution i would like to raise and that is when local power came forward some of the environmentalists in the room we were a little bit -- even though what they're doing is great and will compete with pg&e's 100% green option we need not to focus so much on purchasing. i think what we should do is change the 100% 2020 goal to locally produced energy from facilities beyond that date. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hello commissioners. my name is paul congressmanus and part of. >> >> bon hundred% solar. there is a way to get to one heard% -- 100% a
Dec 7, 2012 10:30am PST
. >> thank you through the chair do we know what the pg&e premium is likely to be for their green offering. >> in their initial proposal it was stated if memory serves me at not more than 2 cents -- 2.5 cents over what they currently charge customers b again that is a proposal. it will go through the cupuc process and may change. >> when you say 2.5 cents is that literally -- like the $21.97 would go to $21.99? >> harlan kelly, general manager, so it's about $6 per month versus 11-dollar premium that we have equivalent to $6. >> yes, and that's for -- that's reflective for the cost difference between providing a renewable energy credit versus firmed and shaped renewable power, so it's the product difference that is embedded in that price difference which goes to commissioner olague's statement that people need to understand the value behind what the price premium is addressing. >> and credit that pg&e can purchase rather than generate the clean power themselves . correct. >> correct. >> and we limit that component to 5% of the overall portfolio. >> thank you. commissioner moran any other
Dec 20, 2012 7:30pm PST
that pays pg&e for kilowatt hours that are provided to the customer. there is no relationship between what the customer consumes in terms of the portfolio serving that customer and the cost responsibility surcharge. it's sort of an over hang cost pg&e is allowed to charge to make sure the customers that stay for pg&e pay for cost it incurred on behalf of customers that left. >> commissioner olague. >> yeah, i guess -- it reminded me of pass throughs and tenants get charged sometimes for the increases and fees that the landlords have and i wonder how that worked ultimately but you kind of answered. >> okay. >> -- what i was thinking, but i guess i am concerned a little bit -- of course we want to definitely inform customers about these increases and rates that would result as part of this clean power shift, but i think -- i guess at some point i would be interested in understanding how that is going to be marketed or what language or what script would be used, because ultimately the goal isn't so much related to, you know, -- well, i have to be careful how i say this i guess, but i guess t
Dec 12, 2012 8:30am PST
, what you are putting together is good. but we have an issue that commissioner caen raised, pg & e is going to roll out their green program at a $6 premium. and it's lower than the 10-20. and hearing the comments from us and staff, local power developed a new model based on its previous models. that model will use renewable energy credits at the same level they are used in morion county. and something that environmentalists weren't thrilled about using credits. however local power has worked credits and worked through hetch hetchy power sold outside of the city. what it's showing now that we can do the build-out of several hundred megawatts in the first years. and hire 27 workers a year, i think that's total job, i don't know about direct jobs. probably several hundred direct jobs. and it will also using the renewable energy credits actually be able to roll out this entire program. as we originally envisioned several years ago. to get to large-scale local renewab renewables, and to offer all customers in five years, 100% green, just like pg & e will offer. but at the same rates tha
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 228 (some duplicates have been removed)